1. Before you buy

Who is Discover DNA

DiscoverDNA is wholly owned by Pharmaneuticals a global market leader in genetic testing and operates its own ISO-15189 Internationally Accredited Laboratory based in Singapore.

Prenetics was founded in 2017 with its origins as a City University spin-off company co-founded by Professor Tom Huang, Dr. Ang Ying Gin and Weng Choy as CEO.

How accurate is the report?

Our analytical accuracy is highly accurate. Utilizing advanced WES (Whole Exome Sequencing) technology allows us to sequence your DNA to over 99.9% analytical accuracy which has been externally validated by The Croucher Laboratory for Human Genomics (CLHG), CUHK. In total, our WES technology covers over 31 million data points that may contribute to you and your family’s health.

Many of our competitors use older technology called genotyping. This type of technology actually misses approximately 98% of mutations for breast cancer (for example). With our WES technology, we are able to capture at minimum 50-100x more data and are able to detect mutations where others may miss.

In addition, all DNA categories tested in DiscoverDNA are supported by a large volume of research conducted by leading science and research institutes around the world, and we follow the standards and guidelines set by American College of Medical Genetics.

How often is the free lifetime report updated?

We are also improving the system and algorithm by introducing new data points. Once you have the report. It is updated monthly with new research to include new data points to add on to your current reports for a lifetime.

Do I need to provide blood?

No blood is required to perform the Circle test. We just need a very small sample of your DNA from your saliva sample. The whole process is easy and takes approximately 30 seconds to perform.

Can I speak to anyone before making my purchase?

Definitely. Our customer care team is more than happy to answer any of your questions. They can be emailed at Enquiry@dnatesting.com

2. Ordering & Shipping

How much is the delivery cost?

The delivery cost is free-of-charge regardless of the amount of kits that are bought.

How long is delivery?

Delivery is next day, within 24 hours. You can select your slots and timing at the checkout page.

Where do you deliver to?

We deliver island-wide across Singapore.

3. Getting Started

What is in the test kit?

The sample collection kit includes:

  1. A Quick Start Guide
  2. A package that contains a saliva tube and return tube containing preservative liquid
  3. A package containing a speciment bag and a return box*
Can I use the kit when I am sick and/or on medication?

Our DNA tests collects DNA from your saliva. The DNA in these cells will remain unchanged regardless of medical conditions in other parts of the body, so the results from these samples will remain the same regardless of your sickness. Similarly, medications that you take will not change your DNA test results.

One exception to this is if you are the recipient of a bone marrow transplant or if you have had a recent blood transfusion (7 days before providing your DNA sample). If you are a marrow or blood recipient, your white blood cells will contain the DNA of your donor, these can be found in small amounts in your saliva. The DNA from these cells will not match with your own, and this can result in analysis failure. We therefore do not recommend taking the test if you have received a bone marrow transplant or recent blood transfusion.

In addition, if you are applying a cream or ointment onto the inside of the mouth (gum, teeth, etc), we highly advise you to provide your sample when you are no longer using the cream or ointment.

Can I use the kit when I am on my period or pregnant?

Absolutely – Our DNA tests collects DNA from your saliva. The DNA in these cells will remain unchanged regardless of changes in other parts of the body, so the test results will remain the same.

Can the DNA test be performed on individuals under the age of 18?

Yes. For individuals under the age of 18, an interested parent or guardian may order our services on behalf of his or her child. We do ask the parent or guardian to assume full responsibility for making sure the information provided to us about his or her child is accurate and kept secure, and also decide what may be best for his or her child. For an older child, we also suggest discussing with the child the implications of test results including the possibility of identifying disease risks.


We would like to remind customers that if his or her child is still being breastfed, as the retrieved DNA on breastfed child may contain a certain amount of his or her mother’s DNA, which may have a chance of causing discrepancies in the DNA testing results. Thus, for children who are currently being breastfed, we would recommend performing the DNA test after the breastfeeding stage is completed.

When does the kit expire?

The expiry date is listed on the test tube. Please collect and return your sample before this date.

The saliva collection kit includes a return test tube containing a stabilizer. Once you have collected the sample, the stabilizer will be added immediately to stabilize your DNA sample and prevent potential bacterial contamination.

Samples mixed with stabilizers can be stored for a minimum of 3 months over a wide temperature range (-4ºF to 122ºF or -20ºC to 50ºC). Unused kits also remain stable even when exposed to temperatures within this range during shipping or storage. We recommend returning the sample to our lab at your earliest convenience after you have completed the sample collection.

I returned my sample without registration

Your DNA sample will not be processed until the activation procedures are completed. Please be sure to create and account and activate your kit on the Circle mobile app before you return the sample. Please immediately email enquiry@dnatesting.com with the following information:

(i) Order number, or
(ii) Kit barcode number

Where do I send the sample back to?

The address will be listed within your manual and product box upon arrival.

4. Sample Return & Sample Status

How do I return my sample?

1. Understanding Your Prepaid Shipping Materials

Kindly note that all return shipping items are already prepaid by DiscoverDNA and this is a complimentary service that we provide to all our DiscoverDNA customers and will be at no additional cost to you when you return your sample. 


2. Preparing Your Sample For Return

Before preparing your sample for return, please ensure that you have registered your information online with us for your kit.

  1. After you have collected your sample, seal it in the specimen bag and place it in the return box. 
  2. We recommend that you arrange for the return of your sample at your earliest convenience. 

3. What Happens Next 

Once your sample reaches our laboratory, it may take up to 15 business days to receive your personalised results. You can find up-to-date information about your sample during our lab processing procedure, by checking directly in your CircleDNA mobile app. 

How fast must I return my sample after collecting?

For optimal results, we suggest you return the sample on the same day as the swab collection procedure, while making sure the sample collected is stored at room temperature & away from direct sunlight prior to sending your sample back to us.

Although we recommend that our customers return their DNA sample on the same day after the sample collection procedure, we understand that this may not always be possible. Therefore, rest assured that in the event you are unable to do so, your DNA sample will still be well preserved as long as it is submerged in the stabilizer within the sealed test tube. Samples mixed with stabilizers can be stored for up to 3 months over a wide temperature range (-4ºF to 122ºF or -20ºC to 50ºC).

However, we do encourage our customers to return their samples at their earlier convenience, so they may discover their DNA as soon as possible.

Where should I store my sample before the courier arrives?

5. Results & Next Steps

How will I know when my results are ready?

The results generated from your DNA sample will be interpreted and shared in a user-friendly, actionable report accessible via email.

How do I access my results?

An email with your results will be sent to you regarding your results within 15 working days.

Can I share my results with my doctor?

DiscoverDNA test results are not medical reports or advices, and should not be used for diagnostic purposes.

However, we do recommend that you consult with a healthcare professional if you have any concerns about, for example, your sensitivities or risks so that you may create an actionable plan with them.

We also highly encourage for you to share the results of your genetic risk for heritable conditions such as cancer with your doctor.

Other Questions

What is your 30-Day Risk-Free Trial?

Our 30-Day Risk-Free Trial is designed to ensure that you are satisfied with Discover DNA. As a first-time buyer, we are so confident that our product will continuously take you to new heights when it comes to your health that you will want to keep the handy information available past 30 days. However if you choose to get a refund, it will be available up to 30 days. (Assuming the kit has not been used)

When does my Risk-Free Trial period begin?

Your Risk-Free Trial period begins the day you receive your DNA kits. You should also receive an email alerting you that your results are ready.

Do I have to pay for your service in full before I trial the CircleDNA test?

Yes, by credit card or through PayPal™. As long as you request a refund within 30 days, we will return the full amount charged.

How do I become eligible for a refund?

We will be sad to see you go. Yet, please refer to the conditions below to qualify for a refund:

– Kit has remain unused

– The refund is requested within 30 days of receiving your kit.

Once the above conditions have been satisfied, please email enquiry@dnatesting.com.sg with your full name and order number.